Beach Bunny

Painting by Niya Christine. Beach Bunny. Copyright

#123/365 Paintings

Meet George.

George has always enjoyed listening to the water and feeling the cushy sand under his stomach. George is a thinker and he’s in touch with his feminine side. He understands the dangers of these qualities. But his attitude is, that being a rabbit is all about danger. George decided at 2 months old that he wasn’t going to live as fearful rabbits do. He figured that just before he dies, he will feel the infinitude of terror. And, infinity can feel like a very long time. So why be afraid all your life when you have a moment like that ahead of you? He would rather be at the beach. As you can imagine, George does quite well with the ladies.


Project notes: This is a finger painting.


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  • Lisha May 2, 2013  

    I think George and I would make a great couple 🙂

  • Niya May 2, 2013  

    Ha ha… I love it Lisha. George would be SO lucky.