Keeping the Balance

"Keeping the Balance" Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#27/365 Paintings 2013

Sometimes having a small cute animal between yourself and a cup of coffee is not only smart but looks cute too!

On the other hand, if that’s actually a frog on her head vs. a bunny, it might not appreciate a hot steaming cup of coffee on it’s delicate amphibian body.

Project Notes: Have you noticed my paintings and stories are getting more and more out there? I think it’s because I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel on painting ideas about coffee and tea. It’s a good thing I just have 4 more to go… (Feb. is going to be fun).

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  • Jean Vertefeuille-Cutler January 27, 2013  

    Yes out there but oh so fun!

  • Laurel January 27, 2013  

    Yes, I did notice – wonderfully wacky! While Brand Naming they had we wacky word people pressed to the max during long creative sessions because research showed that the best came out after you thought you were squeezed out! But ~ only 4 more of your wonderful paintings? We’ll go on withdrawal and it won’t be caffeine withdrawal. ~L

  • niya christine January 27, 2013  

    Laurel, I’m definitely squeezed out. It’s okay, I need to return to the reasons I committed in the first place and get renewed energy for February.
    Four more Coffee & Tea and then February is all about Love & Character. I’ve been brainstorming ideas. I’m getting excited about it.
    The next challenge is how to travel while doing a painting per day. That’s coming up next weekend. ; )

    Happy Jean… that you feel they are fun. I’m afraid I’ll lose my subscribers because it’s all too weird for them. LOL. I love my subscribers!

  • Janine January 27, 2013  

    Embrace your wacky weird, Niya! They are all so fun and whimsical and I cannot believe you can create such color and character in such a small span of time. The bee’s expressions are …well …the bee’s knees, as they say. Can’t wait for the next four and future months!

    • niya christine January 28, 2013  

      Ah thank you Janine!!! I seem to create more wildly in small spans of time. Speed dating with the paint brush.