Balance Under Pressure


#244/365 Paintings

Have you ever had it happen where you’ve been climbing uphill for a time and then, ah…. downhill is coming into view. It looks really good. But then you notice who you really are and things get complicated. In this case, the poor elephant is too heavy for this steep hill and she is balancing a glass of wine on her rump. She also has flies tickling her feet. Perhaps she’s on the wrong mountain—the goal didn’t take into consideration her balancing act. Now this is quite precarious. But look at those fish. They look so supportive and encouraging of this last portion of her goal. Even the trees are bouncy. Sometimes downhill isn’t downhill at all but something else. She’s in stealth mode. I believe in her.


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  • WM Rine September 6, 2013   Reply →

    … so she imagines that the earth beneath her feet is alive, and caring for her. It’s a loving elephant, too. And look! It kinda looks like a warm tan elephant. And as the world does, it helps her do what she couldn’t quite to herself. It tips its balance a little so that the slope is not so steep and she can take steps just her size and get down, wine and flies and all. And, even better, by the time she gets down by the water, the flies have all had a sip from the wine and they’re drunk and they’ve gone off somewhere else to have some fun. So they leave her alone in peace to enjoy the rest. And there’s nothing like a glass of wine after mother earth has done something wonderful for you.

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