Art of the Simple Garden Salad


#169/365 Paintings

I was not a salad lover as a kid. Not at all. Why eat dirty things from the ground when I could eat toast with jam and chocolate ice cream? When I grew up. No, check that… when I got older and found myself working in the Bay Area, I enjoyed some amazing restaurants. I remember Greens Restaurant for teaching me about the art of the plain ol’ green salad. Their simple green salad is quite something: Green Gulch Lettuce, Little Gems and Ancho Cress with K&J Orchard cherries, slow roasted almonds, Big Rock Blue and cherry vinaigrette. I bought their cookbook and found that it’s survived several visits to Powell’s books used book buyers over the years. Greens is famous for their brilliant combinations of vegetables and richly layered flavors. Greens is located at the Fort Mason Center. It’s quite an experience to eat there right on the water.


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One comment

  • WM Rine June 19, 2013  

    Not sure which this makes me want to do more: toss up a salad or go bowl shopping.

    It comes a little later to us in the north country, but summer produce is a celebration of life. You’ve captured that wonderfully.