Ann Lamott: What a milking cow and writing have in common


#362/365 Paintings

Anne Lamott. Excerpt from “Bird by Bird”

“I still encourage anyone who feels at all compelled to write to do so.”


“But I also tell my students that sometimes when my writer friends are working, they feel better and more alive than they do at any other time. And sometimes when they are writing well, they feel that they are living up to something. It is as if the right words, the true words, are already inside them, and they just want to help them get out. Writing this way is a little like milking a cow: the milk is so rich and delicious, and the cow is so glad you did it.”


“…the milk is so rich and delicious, and the cow is so glad you did it.”  {love that line}

Bird by Bird. Painting by painting. 5 more to go. Hope everyone’s Christmas was fabulous!

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  • WM Rine December 28, 2013  

    … and that is as good a reminder as any to click over to Scrivener and stop surfing. Seriously, what an inspiration your work has been all year. I’ll miss these in the morning, often moving my mind away from the cranky and worried place it started from when I climbed out of bed. I owe you much for all this goodness you’ve shared.

    • niya christine December 28, 2013  

      Yes, she gets the the inspiration magic going. I’ll miss the frequency of interaction and comments from you and my art loving community. It’s been so sweet. Luckily I have crazy creative spurts that have to find outlets on paper and canvas. I’ll post when I do. And then all the writing coming up. Yikes. That should be fun. You don’t owe me a thing. Your comments have been soul food to this project. Amazing.