A Sensitive Cow

A Sensitive Cow. Painting By Niya Christine. Copyright

#98/365 Paintings

Meet Hal the sensitive male cow.

Since Hal was a little cow he loved small creatures. Especially birds. They sang beautiful tunes while he munched on hay in the morning. They scared the flies away on his bum when his tail was tired. Mostly, they were beautiful. More beautiful even than flowers, cats and bees which the other cows liked quite a bit.

One day, while traveling into town with the other cows he saw a horrible sight. Birds in cages inside another cage with large windows and people inside. Hal began to moo in despair. The other cows glared at him. They didn’t want to get into trouble.

One night while the family slept, Hal walked the cold night into town. He broke the store glass with his heavy hoof. Though he wasn’t able to get all the birds, he managed to get 2 on his back. However, sometimes, thoughts take a long time to accumulate in Hal’s head. And when they do, they stay there a long time. The thought that hit him as he walked in the snow was, how would he get the birds out of the cage once he got back to the farm? This is what he’s thinking about right now. This is what he’s asking us to answer.

Perhaps if he turned his head the other way, the rabbits would offer the answer immediately. They are pretty onto what’s happening. They are excited and eager to help. Smart too. Maybe on the next adventure of saving birds this thought will accumulate in Hal and he will consult with the rabbits. He’s a pretty sensitive guy. He listens with his whole whole heart.

I like Hal.

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