A Lotta Cuppa

Niya Christine Watercolor. "A Lotta Cuppa" ... 7/365. Copyright 2013

#7/365 Paintings for 2013

A Lotta liquid wisdom going on in this room. It’s teatime!

Tea has such a deeply layered history that each one of these cups she’s pouring could represent a different country or even social class. England, Russia, India, China, Japan, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and France have amazing stories about how tea has shaped their culture and daily rituals. I will just throw in one little fact that I love and leave the rest of the teatime primer to be sprinkled in over the month. Both in China and France tea was a medicinal staple before it became more widely used for spiritual and communal purposes. In China for many years only priests were able to drink tea on a regular basis as it was believed it helped them achieve ascension and better meditation results.

Now, for me, when I look at this painting I think of just one thing. How much I wish I’d had this woman’s talent when I played college basketball. She can wear heels and hit a cup of tea behind her while walking. That kind of skill and moxie would have been very handy on the B. Ball team!

Have a great week! And see you again tomorrow.

ps: Thank you for the wonderful, positive energy as I reach the end of my first week. I’m so glad we can meet together every morning for a bit feel good coffee and color!

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