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3,234 lbs of Unconditional Love


I was watching one of those animal hero shows. This one took place in Arizona.

Imagine this: A small house. Two middle aged men–brothers. 49 dogs. 49 dogs inbred. The dogs were all about the same size and weight, approximately 66 lbs. Most had the same illnesses due to the in-breeding.

The one man was very choked up when the animal rescue took them all to the animal hospital to take care of their health issues. He didn’t know if he would ever see them again. In the next scene the woman in charge of the situation had taken him aside and told him exactly what he needed to do to get some of them back.

He had to clean his house.

Now, because the house was so stinky and messy from two men and 49 dogs living in it for several years this took several weeks. As for the dogs, many had to be euthanized given their state of health. And many were restored and given to good homes. But this is what got to me… When the woman came back and inspected the house and it checked out, she returned 7 of the 49 dogs. She said it was clear that the dogs loved these men and the men loved the dogs. The man admitted that in his experience this is the only way to have so much unconditional love and it got out of control.

49 dogs x 66 lbs each is 3,234 lbs of out of control love and health risk. So, this is my convaluted way of wishing you all thousands of lbs of unconditional love, (but maybe skip the in-breeding part). Risk it all, why not?


I did run this story by Dakota (of course)–he was smug about it all (of course)–His attitude was why stuff a house with 49 dogs when one rabbit will do?

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