Ellie has my heart (and wallet)


#299/365 Paintings

Going into Starbucks one day I was greeted by Ellie. The first thing she did was to confiscate my iPhone/wallet. A golden pup with a bit of crime in her!

It’s a good thing her dad came out when he did, he didn’t realize how close it was to having to report a dog-napping. I still think about Ellie. (See the real Ellie below).


This is the last dog painting. Scroll down if you are a subscriber to see more (yesterday’s also had about 3 – as we are in the last of the month when I post the weekend paintings).

Get ready for “Fish Fabulous” in November. And lots of fun news and info. in the November 1 introductory post.


Now Ellie:

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 4.25.50 PMScreen shot 2013-10-30 at 4.25.35 PM


Joe ♥’s Gracie


#298/365 Paintings

Joe has been thinking about this moment most of his sweet, short life. He’s lucky. He was brought into a family home that had a female lab. Gracie is 3 years older than Joe. Joe was smitten before he even set foot in the house. Look at him, he’s blushing in his heart. Gracie is taking it all with ‘grace’.

Ball Envy


#293/365 Paintings

Even the frog understands the agony for the dog that didn’t get the ball. And the dog who did is fighting for his life. Must guard his accomplishment at all costs—not out of the water yet. Game on.