Those Bunny Feet!

Niya Christine. Copyright

#150/365 Paintings

We’ve seen rabbits in all kinds of postures this month. Bunny butts, backs, nose profiles and then butts again. But what about those feet? Meet baby lop Noel. He has big feet and a super relaxed, squishy face. I think he feels so safe in life that he has no idea he’s a rabbit and instinct runs the other way.


Project notes: This is the last of the Bunnies & Bicycle’s paintings. Friday is the transition post to Food & Wine and then Saturday, the first painting of the new theme. Whew, what an amazing month. More on that in tomorrow’s post.

Romantic Rabbits

Copyright. Niya Christine

#149/365 Paintings

Meet Caila (left) and Dakota (right). They couldn’t be more opposite personalities and yet they have been spooning like this for nearly 9 years. It’s rare to see them apart. Caila was the last in line of weekend dates. Dakota had been rejected by 6 females before she, in her Buddha bunny way… didn’t react to his drama. And this apparently charmed him so much he dove under her stomach, she licked his ears and the rest is history. She’s light and fluffy, is very protective of him and sleeps like truck driver. Snores too. He’s dense like hash browns and has a demanding, moody air. For years he guarded her sleep so that nothing would disturb her. He worships her. For that matter, I do too.

Romantic rabbits.



Niya Christine Painting. Copyright

#148/365 Paintings

I had to laugh several times in the process of this painting. First, because I was working from a black and white photo of an unknown rabbit. But when the drawing was done, it was clearly ‘not’ the rabbit in the photo. It was Dakota, my oldest rabbit. His face, absolutely! The second laugh was all that gosh darn color. If Dakota saw this painting I’d get the freeze out move–the long ear over the eye for months. Dakota is super stoic and macho. The pink—the squishy vulnerable posture, the lower lip showing. All these things are highly unacceptable in his world. Still giggling behind his back. If you ever meet him, you never saw this okay?

Rabbit Hole?

Niya Christine. Copyright

#147/365 Paintings

These rabbits recently lost their rabbit hole home to a flood. Luckily everyone survived due to their yogi talents of agility and flexibility. Today they are on a hunt for a new rabbit hole. They had been looking for hours and they are beginning to hallucinate. The lead rabbit is telling the others that the bike tire is a rabbit hole — the spokes, branches to cut through with their teeth. The other two aren’t quite sure how a rabbit hole can stand up straight like that. And they can see through it. A see-through rabbit hole is suspicious at best. They will study it a bit longer before risking further investigation.


Project notes: I painted on a migraine. I hope it is visually not as blurry as my head was. ; ) Have a great holiday.

Bernice the Proud Baby Maker (Jack Rabbit)

Niya Christine. Copyright

#146/365 Paintings

I love how jack rabbits are skilled at camouflage. I stayed in a resort last summer in Scottsdale AZ. The resort was stunning. Lots of fountains and pools, a gorgeous view of a red rock canyon. And, if this wasn’t perfect enough, the restaurant served my favorite Chardonnay, La Crema. I was vacationing from work stress and 24/7 intensive rabbit care of my eldest rabbit who almost died. It took 4 months to restore him. So guess what I see in the first hour my stay? Yes, a gaggle of baby jack rabbits. Tiny, fast little creatures, bravely begging for food from strangers. Nonetheless, my first evening wasn’t spent in my best dress, lightly sipping Chardonnay, chatting it up with the locals (that came the next night). Nope. I scrapped for apples, salad makings and water. I planted the jack rabbits little picnics under cactus and desert bushes. It was fun. I felt like a female 007 of jack rabbit food-feast bliss. When I looked the next day, everything was munched to the core. Apparently, they had a very good night.

This jack rabbit gives the hunters out there a challenging look. “Do you really think you can beat us? Do you really think you can take us out? They don’t call me Bernice the baby-maker for nothing. I’m the happy mother of 192 babies this year alone. We love to make more of us. It’s our thing!”

Jack rabbits are cool!



Grumpy Old Man Rabbit

Copyright. Niya Christine

#145/365 Paintings

He doesn’t mind that he was born with pink accents. What he minds is that we are looking at him, bothering him when he’s got important rabbit business to do. So we get his behind and his perturbed expression. I like him. I’ll call him Picasso.


Project notes: This is the final of this mixed media, mono print cycle. Wow, such a ride.