Canary Fashion Bazaar

Collage/Painting by Niya Christine.Copyright

#113/365 Paintings

Canaries know they are pretty. I’m convinced of it. So when I found some special papers and copper screens this weekend, I thought they’d appreciate the gesture. A couple of them insisted upon the Target logo for their ‘super-cool’ contact lenses.

“Target is cool — fun bird toys! Besides, all the birds are doing it,” they reasoned with their exacerbated but amused artist. I had to congratulate the bird with the purple shoes and pink mohak, as he insisted upon dressing himself. I just realized the blue one with the gold feathers and short legs looks like he/she has a diaper on. Oh well, it’s a fashion bazaar (bizarre). Those canaries!


Painting dedication: When I think of fashionista’s Carolyn Maso comes directly to mind. Her taste is exquisite, expansive and very worldly. She’s a culture maker. Check her out and say hello. She will brighten your day. This is for you Carolyn!

Inner Cow

By Niya Christine. Copyright

#112/365 Paintings

In my late 20’s I was a workshop fiend. Anywhere a group of people gathered in the name of finding oneself, I was all over it. Once in meditation, a particular group leader asked us to say hello to the inner child. All I saw was a cow. I tried again. Nothing. Just the cow. Of course I thought I was dealing with some embarrassment about being 10 lbs overweight. But this cow was grazing about, munching on hay. At one point she laid down in the sun and scratched her head on her neighbors rump. She curiously poked her head through the fence and got caught, a neighbor came by and helped. I watched this movie for awhile. Very pleasant.  When I shared about my inner cow, the group was very helpful (after a good laugh and challenging questions about my avoidance of course). After much discussion the workshop leader thought I needed a break from my current work situation. A sabbatical — to rest and be curious and laze about, soak up the sun, perhaps go to Europe, fall in love, take photos of a few pigeons, let people help me more, etc. Okie, dokie. Great assessment.

Does anyone else have an inner cow? Care to share? I promise not to laugh! Okay, maybe a little.

Bovine Bliss

By Niya Christine. Copyright

#110/365 Paintings

I like my salad but I couldn’t eat greens for 8 hours a day like cows do. Still, is there any better feeling than hanging out near cows on a sunny afternoon watching them peacefully chew grass? They seem to understand that every thing good in life is embedded in a blade of green grass.

No wonder this group of jazz musicians knew how to pick their audience. Note, at the end of the video how jealous the people are watching this. I would have been too!

* Thank you Dave for sending this wonderful video in the spirit of cow painting month.

Life is Really Really Good

By Niya Christine. Copyright

#109/365 Paintings

Canaries mate once a year, but I have a feeling these two have been together awhile. For one thing, look at how pudgy they are. That’s a lot of worms. And only birds who know one another really well have the patterns of feeding each other down pat. Yes, I’m convinced they know one another well—find each other at mating time and look like this, a lot! Perhaps they survived the coal mines or one rescued the other. But there’s a lot of love goin’ on in that tree.


I Like You

Watercolor. I LIKE YOU. By Niya Christine. Copyright

#108/365 Paintings

She really does… like you. And her painter likes you too.


Project notes: Every month seems to bring about various moods. In the beginning it’s fun and exciting, flirting with the many subject matter possibilities in the new theme. Around mid-month I seem to find something that I need to paint over and over again. The wildflowers from last month, for instance. This month, it’s the colorful cows with big eyes (sketched from black and white photos). So expect a few more of these. Also, welcome to new subscribers recently. So happy to have you for our morning art and coffee communion.