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Here are my 10 reasons for this crazy lil’ project:

  1. Showing up. To show up daily for what matters most.

  2. Creative adventure. Painting has it’s own mind and surprises. It makes me laugh to see where it goes.

  3. Illustration practice for books I have in the works. The more I practice, the more versatile I will get and the more enjoyable the books will be to create. Expanding techniques is great fun.

  4. Fact finding. By choosing a different theme every month, I’m forced to fill 28-31 painting spots. This means squeezing out every last possible idea and exploring new painting ideas I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of tea and coffee from all over the world. Not to mention a primer on the New York Times. That was only January. I can’t wait for February.

  5. Celebration with others. We often forget how beautiful and delightful life can be given our busy lives. I wanted to give a refreshing free gift to subscribers and not ask for anything back (ever!). Keep it simple and let the enjoyment prevail. It’s a statement against the hidden agendas we are bombarded with daily. It’s a simple life affirming splat of color in your inbox with your morning coffee.

  6. Self expression. I am overwhelmed at times with stories going through my head. Often during a swim or while dreaming. Since painting daily and story telling, I feel a lot better. More balanced.

  7. Creating off the computer. While the story happens in the post, the actual painting happens in the studio. Often with great music and a glass of really good wine. Or over a cup of really good coffee in the morning. This alone is changing my life for the better. I look forward to it every day, even when exhausted from work. There is something about use your hands to make something! Like cooking, gardening, building a home. Very satisfying.

  8. Stress release. No matter what mood I’m in or how crunched for time I am, I know that 2 minutes into painting I’ll be restored. I resist it like crazy. It seems like the last thing I should do when clients need me, there’s a sink full of dishes and my refrigerator is stocked of one jar of olives and a cartoon of half and half. Not mention calls and emails that need to be answered, working out, etc. But knowing that there will be color today no matter what gives me energy, and never lets me down.

  9. Happiness. I can’t remember who said that we underestimate our duty to create our own happiness. But I’ve generally found this to be true. Happiness can’t be taken seriously enough. My wacky little paintings, the good, the bad, the ugly — the tired ones, the energized ones, and the silly stories are not aiming at anything but a little daily dose of joy. And a bit of rebellion that busy people can’t fit in what they love to do most. It’s a game changer from how we are taught to prioritize. I’m up for the fight!

  10. I have no idea, I’ll let you know December 31, 2013!